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A healthy Adolescent, ........A healthy nation

Why invest in the health and development of

Investing in the health of adolescents helps prevent the estimated 1.4 million deaths that occur globally every year due to road traffic injuries, violence, suicide, HIV and pregnancy related causes.

It can also improve the health and well-being of many millions of adolescents who experience health problems such as depression, anaemia or HIV infection; and promote the adoption of healthy behaviors that help prevent health problems that occur later in life, such as cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer resulting from physical inactivity and tobacco use initiated during adolescence.

Finally, investing in adolescent health can prevent problems in the
next generation such as pre-maturity and low birth weight in infants born to very young mothers
Makerere – Columbia Universities and Society for Adolescent Health in Uganda 
Themed: Prioritizing the Response to Adolescent Health and Development. You can also submit an abstract of not more than 300 words covering one of the thematic areas below;

1. Use of technology to enhance adolescent health care
2. Scaling up to the provision of health services and commodities
3. Strengthening other sectors  including education, social and  judiciary


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28th – 29th October, 2019