Makerere University and Columbia University (MUCU) are pleased to publish our newsletter. We are excited to update you on interesting things that have occurred over the past six months in the area of adolescent medicine in Uganda. We are delighted that you have continued interest in the care of the adolescent patient and look forward to hearing about THE WORK THAT YOU ARE DOING related to adolescent health.

Our mission is to provide a forum to share member news, interesting program updates and clinical cases, and to discuss the latest in “hot” adolescent topics


Condoms are considered a barrier method that prevents the passage of semen and infectious pathogens by forming a barrier between the male genital area including penile glans and shaft, and the vagina. Its protective value extends to anal or oral intercourse by preventing contact with lesions, vaginal or anal discharges. They are available for both male and female use in different sizes, shapes, colors thickness and texture with or without lubricant. The great variety of choices and options can be appealing to the adolescent population.


A report released by UYDEL during the SAHU conference in Kampala showed extraordinary suffering faced!by adolescents living in the Kampala slums in Uganda.The 2014 Uganda population census showed that! 56.7% of the population is below 18years and the total number of adolescent girls and young women between 15-24 years is
almost 3.4million Eighteen thousand children were affected by trafficking and bonded labor

Depression in Ugandan Adolescents

More than 50% of Ugandans are children and the mental health needs of this population largely go unmet. Children
with mental health problems often have a multitude of problems including rejectionby their families and communities, low educational achievement, poor self-esteem
and dysfunctional relationships. Despite the glaring need for mental health services for children and adolescents in Uganda,there is only one child and adolescent psychiatrist for more than four million children.

Sexual Activity in Ugandan Adolescents

.The Makerere/Mulago/Columbia Adolescent Health Clinic (MMCAHC) opened this May to fill the gaps in healthcare services for adolescents in Kampala, Uganda. It is the first clinic in Uganda to deliver comprehensive adolescent healthcare in a “medical-home” format and it is uniquely positioned to serve as a model for future clinics that will service this population.

Welcome to Our Inaugural Issue!

Makerere University and Columbia University (MUCU) are pleased to introduce you to the FIRST of our biannual adolescent newsletters! We are delighted that you have expressed an interest in the care of the adolescent patient. Each newsletter will explore a different issue facing adolescents in Uganda and the surrounding countries in East Africa.

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