Uganda Youth And Adolescents Health Forum - UYAHF

Brief IntroductionUganda Youth And Adolescents Health Forum

UYAHF is a youth founded and led non-governmental organisation mainly doing advocacy to address Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues and promoting SRH rights for young people through empowering young people (14-24 years) with information, knowledge and skills necessary for influencing policy change.


An enlightened generation of young people who constructively and meaningfully participate in the health programming process of their country

Mission Statement

To provide a platform that ushers change in the health programming and leadership; bring with it quality services delivery, accountability, transparency and integrating while taking into account real and meaningful participation of young people.


  1. Promote meaningful young people’s involvement and participation in the designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS and sexual reproductive health programs where they are key stakeholders and partners as well as service beneficiaries.
  2. To empower and equip young people with advocacy skills and provide a platform where they can advocate for comprehensive Sexuality Education and scaling up of youth friendly services with their strategic roles in the context of Adolescent and youth SRH and HIV/AID Response.
  3. Raise awareness on and promote the rights of young people living with HIV, young people living with disabilities and young people from key affected population.
  4. Strengthen behaviour change communication programmes and address social cultural, gender stereo types and other underlying drivers’ among young people.
  5. To inspire, motivate, empower and equip young people with practical skills and knowledge that enable them to venture into self sustaining projects.

Uganda Youth And Adolescents Health Forum


Plot 351A Balintuma Road, Nakulabye

P.O Box 2426 Kampala, Uganda


Contact person

Mr. Trasias Mukama

Programs coordinator

Tel: +256788046903/+256701817225