How to become a member

Why join SAHU?

SAHU is an association of choice for people involved in Adolescent Health programing, Advocacy and Service delivery.

Joining any organisation is a major decision, and the only way to judge the value of membership is by what it can do for you. So ask yourself… 

  • - Does SAHU have aims and values that I share as an individual or organization?
  • - Would becoming a member enhance my knowledge base and opportunities ?
  • - If I became a member, would this help me achieve my goals for Adolescent Health?
  • - Would I find all the benefits and services useful?

Regardless of what made you consider becoming a member of SAHu, we urge you to join our vibrant, forward-thinking community and share in all that's to be gained from being part of a multidesciplinary societydevoted to advancing the health and well-being of Adolescents. At just $10 a year – that's less than $3 a week – membership represents excellent value for money.

Member Membership UGX USD
Per Person  Annual 30,000/= $ 10
Adolescent Health Institute  Annual 60,000/= $ 150
Other Institutions  Annual 60,000/= $ 150
Life time membership Life 1,000,000/= $ 270

Join SAHU by filling in the form on our website under the membership page.

You can join us today. Remember – you will become an Affiliate Member straight away, so you will be able to tap into our resources, opportunities and services without delay.

What happens when I join?

Once you have applied and paid your fee, you will become an Affiliate Member and get immediate access to all our benefits and services for one year. For Life time members, your access to our resources and opportunities are limitless.